Marketing & Analytics


Digital Marketing

Learned the most by making mistakes in the early days of my adventure in digital marketing.  Though I have worked in all branches that link to digital marketing, I'm most valuable in:

Email Marketing - strategy, segmentation, ESP selection

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - paid search campaign creation (Google Adwords), analytics

Content Marketing - strategy, content creation, advertisement


  It was during my graduate years that I learned to evaluate research methodologies.  A better way to know if it’s feasible to invest in production of a new product of service is through market research.  In the past several years, I have had the luxury to identify needs of the market and then help develop and position the product appropriately via best channels.  Yes, one of the most challenging aspect for me was testing the best channels for testing the success of a product.  I have successfully :

  • developed questionnaires for quantitative research
  • observed and analyzed qualitative research
  • entertained focus groups

direct mail

Direct Mail is still relevant for B2B and B2C businesses.  Having spent over 15 years in direct mail marketing, I learned and practiced successful ways to execute campaigns.  I can manage the full-cycle, from strategy to analytics to optimization.  Let's grow through: 

Customer acquisition and retention strategies

Personalization, especially for B2B customers

DM plan, creative, production, fulfillment


Optimize all marketing efforts by paying attention to the results.  I lived in the world of tracking and analyzing data.  You can count on me to help you understanding your transactional data to online web traffic behavior to social media efforts.

I will help you make data driven decisions.  It's a great art to be able to tell a story and convey granular data in a digestible way.




Market research brings us to this point.  From design to development and testing to production...

I can talk about the pains and pleasures of this adventure but what will that be?  See it and believe it - visit Lasya

This has been the best work of my learning thus far.  I am completing the cycle - from product concept to sales.

The vision is important during this process because product development is one of the most challenging aspect of a business.