Tips on How to Make it easy for your listeners to Subscribe & Review

Everyday I get the opportunity to learn and deliver better content to my listeners.  I continuously improve my listeners experience of my Podcast.  Recently, I came across a little suggestion that made a big impact in the quality of my podcast.  I learned to make it easy for my listeners to subscribe and leave reviews for Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast

After making appropriate changes to the site and my description pages, I wanted to educate my listeners on how easy it was for them to leave a review and I created this little video for them: 5 easy steps to Subscribe & Review a Podcast.

It's important to meet people where they are so I wanted to meet my listeners where they were; on their phones.  As most podcasters know that it's important to have reviews for their podcasts and it's easier for listeners to be able to leave a review if they know exactly how to do so.  Many listeners are new to podcasts and are not very familiar with the platform so it's my job as a Podcaster to bring information to my listeners. 

I learned a new skill of creating something on Powtoons and I plan on creating more videos to bring valuable information to my listeners and my followers.

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