Learn about podcasting and find out podcasting is a valuable for your business.  Add this avenue to your marketing strategy to find prospects, increase conversion, provide better customer service to your current and future customers.  It's one of the best strategy to include in your content strategy. 

Hiring an individual who has his/her own podcast is the best way to go.  You know this individual has poured his/her heart into developing content and knows ins and outs of podcasting.  This is a secret when you are looking to develop your podcast.

Tips on How to Make it easy for your listeners to Subscribe & Review

Everyday I get the opportunity to learn and deliver better content to my listeners.  I continuously improve my listeners experience of my Podcast.  Recently, I came across a little suggestion that made a big impact in the quality of my podcast.  I learned to make it easy for my listeners to subscribe and leave reviews for Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast

After making appropriate changes to the site and my description pages, I wanted to educate my listeners on how easy it was for them to leave a review and I created this little video for them: 5 easy steps to Subscribe & Review a Podcast.

It's important to meet people where they are so I wanted to meet my listeners where they were; on their phones.  As most podcasters know that it's important to have reviews for their podcasts and it's easier for listeners to be able to leave a review if they know exactly how to do so.  Many listeners are new to podcasts and are not very familiar with the platform so it's my job as a Podcaster to bring information to my listeners. 

I learned a new skill of creating something on Powtoons and I plan on creating more videos to bring valuable information to my listeners and my followers.

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