Learn about podcasting and find out podcasting is a valuable for your business.  Add this avenue to your marketing strategy to find prospects, increase conversion, provide better customer service to your current and future customers.  It's one of the best strategy to include in your content strategy. 

Hiring an individual who has his/her own podcast is the best way to go.  You know this individual has poured his/her heart into developing content and knows ins and outs of podcasting.  This is a secret when you are looking to develop your podcast.

Warning: Companies/Industries that should be Podcasting

My Podcast is doing pretty well in terms of building my connections with my listeners and adding value to my voice regarding interracial marriage topic.  People are listening and wanting to know more about the life of being in an interracial/multicultural family.  There's a curiosity and intrigue and my Podcast has developed a decent level of listenership. 

As I was writing my 10 ideas for the day (per James Altucher's suggestion), I made a list of companies/industries that can really benefit from adding Podcasting to their marketing mix.  It's important for companies to develop a connection beyond the quick glance on Social Media.  If a company wants fans and continuous growth, it is important that it builds healthy and long term connections with it's customers.  Companies spend millions of dollars on advertisements on TV, Radio, Magazines in the hope of getting consumer attention and then turning that into a conversion.  I doubt that the ROI on the above mentioned mediums is any where close to building a listernership and being with the consumer anywhere and everywhere via Podcasting. 

There's plenty more to mention about the benefits and I will in the coming days but today is allotted to my list so here it goes:

1. LOLA - tampon company with subscription model

2. Fitness industry - CrossFit has one

3. Organic Food Industry

4. Construction - Do it yourself

5. Lululemon

6. Bootsnall

7. Wooden toy makers

8. Diet/Supplement

9. Toy truck making company - kids love trucks

10. Fire Departments

In the coming days I will explore details of the above mentioned list.