Learn about podcasting and find out podcasting is a valuable for your business.  Add this avenue to your marketing strategy to find prospects, increase conversion, provide better customer service to your current and future customers.  It's one of the best strategy to include in your content strategy. 

Hiring an individual who has his/her own podcast is the best way to go.  You know this individual has poured his/her heart into developing content and knows ins and outs of podcasting.  This is a secret when you are looking to develop your podcast.

LOLA – Review Online Tampon delivery company

1.      Company stands for more than just selling tampons.  It stands to educate the consumers of what is in the product they are using.

2.      It reaches out to different age groups of women – physical and mental changes through different ages and impact of those on overall health of women.

3.      The subscription is easy. You can cancel anytime.

4. Customer Service is awesome. Company cares about its customers

5. Great content on educating women about various ailments related to that time of the month.

6. Tampons are organic and the company really cares about the health of women.

7. Great packaging.

Now I think Lola can have a Podcast of its own.

  1. Can create separate Podcasts for teens and adults as there are vast differences in the topics for teens vs. adults.

  2. Talk about more than just Periods.  It’s overall health.  The company currently has it’s “the broadcast” blog that identifies and tackles many topics that women want to address.  Why not take it to where people can listen to these topics.

  3. Conversations lead to ideas and what a great way to get customers/fans involved in the conversation.  The company can in the future do Live events or shows discussing women’s health.

  4. Over 39k FB and Instagram followers – take advantage of the attention and educate and empower women about their purchases and their health in case they are not getting information from their doctors.

  5. Since Podcast can be taken anywhere and everywhere, why not use the avenue to have companies VOICE available to the consumers all the time.

  6. There’s one Podcast called “Period” available in the space so either sponsor it or create its own Podcast.

Well, those are few of my reasons for LOLA to have a Podcast.  An individual can listen to it anywhere and everywhere and that’s the most powerful reason to have a Podcast that strengthens the companies already existing “the broadcast” blog. These are my reasons having a Podcast can really benefit the company.