Podcasting - Content Development & Delivery

The past two months were spent on learning the ins and outs of Podcasting.  It peaked my interest as I found myself consuming information via auditory rather than visual medium.  Listening to people’s voices was very interesting and it helped on the long drive to and from work.  It is a big production and one has to be committed to investing hours and hours into a podcast.  Once I got on the journey of Podcasting, I started to really enjoy this medium of information delivery.  I love it.  I have developed my podcast and will be going live in a month.  I can say that I have learned and grown tremendously as I embarked on this path.

1.       Learned to create a website

2.       Understand the recording equipment for podcasting

3.       Recording and being comfortable hearing my own voice

4.       Interviewing people

5.       Editing material

6.       Developing content

Out of all these, I love developing and distributing content.  It is such an empowering technique as I gather and share information with people.  I’m writing this post as to share my journey of podcasting and then helping people learn about podcasting.  My purpose is to help people distribute their ideas to the world and make a difference in other people’s lives.  I am very excited to have learned something new as I never thought of myself as a content developer.  Who knows this may create a new and exciting space for me to share my knowledge and skills with people.

I will update the post as my podcast goes live.  So, stay tuned…