Learn about podcasting and find out podcasting is a valuable for your business.  Add this avenue to your marketing strategy to find prospects, increase conversion, provide better customer service to your current and future customers.  It's one of the best strategy to include in your content strategy. 

Hiring an individual who has his/her own podcast is the best way to go.  You know this individual has poured his/her heart into developing content and knows ins and outs of podcasting.  This is a secret when you are looking to develop your podcast.

Podcast Launch

After weeks of hard work with little sleep as I worked at night to have everything ready, I launched the Podcast on Friday, September 2nd, 2016.  Producing a Podcast is a very big venture especially for me as I have no experience in creating websites or hosting a show.  I learned as I went and now know more than I knew 3 months ago.  I guess I am born to take on challenges and paths that require me to push my limitations and grow. 

So far I have gotten a positive response from people who have listened to the first episode of Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast.  Since you are here, let me share with you how to get access to the episode for your hearing pleasure - Just click here

Had it not been for listening to Tim Ferriss, I wouldn't have had an idea to start a Podcast.  Once the idea came to my mind, the topic was an inspiration from a few documentaries I saw on Netflix about arranged marriages.  And one thing led to another and here I have a product in hand now.  I definitely did my research and analysis before producing this specific Podcast.  This project helped me marry my analytical brain with the creative side that I had rarely explored. 

I believe that Podcasting is a great avenue for businesses to expand their reach and connect with their customers.  Though it is a big production to start Podcasting, it's is a valuable investment with a low cost of acquisition over time. 

To learn more about how a business can utilize this new avenue of acquisition and retention, you can contact me.