Tips on How to Make it easy for your listeners to Subscribe & Review

Everyday I get the opportunity to learn and deliver better content to my listeners.  I continuously improve my listeners experience of my Podcast.  Recently, I came across a little suggestion that made a big impact in the quality of my podcast.  I learned to make it easy for my listeners to subscribe and leave reviews for Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast

After making appropriate changes to the site and my description pages, I wanted to educate my listeners on how easy it was for them to leave a review and I created this little video for them: 5 easy steps to Subscribe & Review a Podcast.

It's important to meet people where they are so I wanted to meet my listeners where they were; on their phones.  As most podcasters know that it's important to have reviews for their podcasts and it's easier for listeners to be able to leave a review if they know exactly how to do so.  Many listeners are new to podcasts and are not very familiar with the platform so it's my job as a Podcaster to bring information to my listeners. 

I learned a new skill of creating something on Powtoons and I plan on creating more videos to bring valuable information to my listeners and my followers.

Did you find this helpful?  Leave me a comment.

LOLA – (tampon delivery company) Why you should start a Podcast

Reasons having a Podcast can really benefit the company

1.      Company stands for more than just selling tampons.  It stands to educate the consumers of what is in the product they are using.

2.      Can reach out to different age groups of women – physical and mental changes through different ages and impact of those on overall health of women.

3.      Can create separate Podcasts for teens and adults as there are vast differences in the topics for teens vs. adults.

4.      Talk about more than just Periods.  It’s overall health.  The company currently has it’s “the broadcast” blog that identifies and tackles many topics that women want to address.  Why not take it to where people can listen to these topics.

5.      Conversations lead to ideas and what a great way to get customers/fans involved in the conversation.  The company can in the future do Live events or shows discussing women’s health.

6.      Over 39k FB and Instagram followers – take advantage of the attention and educate and empower women about their purchases and their health in case they are not getting information from their doctors.

7.      Since Podcast can be taken anywhere and everywhere, why not use the avenue to have companies VOICE available to the consumers all the time.

8.      There’s one Podcast called “Period” available in the space so either sponsor it or create its own Podcast.

Well, those are few of my reasons for LOLA to have a Podcast.  An individual can listen to it anywhere and everywhere and that’s the most powerful reason to have a Podcast that strengthens the companies already existing “the broadcast” blog.

Warning: Companies/Industries that should be Podcasting

My Podcast is doing pretty well in terms of building my connections with my listeners and adding value to my voice regarding interracial marriage topic.  People are listening and wanting to know more about the life of being in an interracial/multicultural family.  There's a curiosity and intrigue and my Podcast has developed a decent level of listenership. 

As I was writing my 10 ideas for the day (per James Altucher's suggestion), I made a list of companies/industries that can really benefit from adding Podcasting to their marketing mix.  It's important for companies to develop a connection beyond the quick glance on Social Media.  If a company wants fans and continuous growth, it is important that it builds healthy and long term connections with it's customers.  Companies spend millions of dollars on advertisements on TV, Radio, Magazines in the hope of getting consumer attention and then turning that into a conversion.  I doubt that the ROI on the above mentioned mediums is any where close to building a listernership and being with the consumer anywhere and everywhere via Podcasting. 

There's plenty more to mention about the benefits and I will in the coming days but today is allotted to my list so here it goes:

1. LOLA - tampon company with subscription model

2. Fitness industry - CrossFit has one

3. Organic Food Industry

4. Construction - Do it yourself

5. Lululemon

6. Bootsnall

7. Wooden toy makers

8. Diet/Supplement

9. Toy truck making company - kids love trucks

10. Fire Departments

In the coming days I will explore details of the above mentioned list.

Podcasting - Content Development & Delivery

The past two months were spent on learning the ins and outs of Podcasting.  It peaked my interest as I found myself consuming information via auditory rather than visual medium.  Listening to people’s voices was very interesting and it helped on the long drive to and from work.  It is a big production and one has to be committed to investing hours and hours into a podcast.  Once I got on the journey of Podcasting, I started to really enjoy this medium of information delivery.  I love it.  I have developed my podcast and will be going live in a month.  I can say that I have learned and grown tremendously as I embarked on this path.

1.       Learned to create a website

2.       Understand the recording equipment for podcasting

3.       Recording and being comfortable hearing my own voice

4.       Interviewing people

5.       Editing material

6.       Developing content

Out of all these, I love developing and distributing content.  It is such an empowering technique as I gather and share information with people.  I’m writing this post as to share my journey of podcasting and then helping people learn about podcasting.  My purpose is to help people distribute their ideas to the world and make a difference in other people’s lives.  I am very excited to have learned something new as I never thought of myself as a content developer.  Who knows this may create a new and exciting space for me to share my knowledge and skills with people.

I will update the post as my podcast goes live.  So, stay tuned…

Podcast Launch

After weeks of hard work with little sleep as I worked at night to have everything ready, I launched the Podcast on Friday, September 2nd, 2016.  Producing a Podcast is a very big venture especially for me as I have no experience in creating websites or hosting a show.  I learned as I went and now know more than I knew 3 months ago.  I guess I am born to take on challenges and paths that require me to push my limitations and grow. 

So far I have gotten a positive response from people who have listened to the first episode of Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast.  Since you are here, let me share with you how to get access to the episode for your hearing pleasure - Just click here

Had it not been for listening to Tim Ferriss, I wouldn't have had an idea to start a Podcast.  Once the idea came to my mind, the topic was an inspiration from a few documentaries I saw on Netflix about arranged marriages.  And one thing led to another and here I have a product in hand now.  I definitely did my research and analysis before producing this specific Podcast.  This project helped me marry my analytical brain with the creative side that I had rarely explored. 

I believe that Podcasting is a great avenue for businesses to expand their reach and connect with their customers.  Though it is a big production to start Podcasting, it's is a valuable investment with a low cost of acquisition over time. 

To learn more about how a business can utilize this new avenue of acquisition and retention, you can contact me.