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Analyzed & found solutions in polewear industry

A few years ago I read a post called “Solving Problems” on Seth Godin’s blog. I printed it out for inspiration. Since then I have been practicing either leaning into a problem or running away from it. When I came across the problem that pole athletes were facing with their polewear I could not run away. Instead I found myself leaning into it, owning it and committing the next several years to solving it. 

The pole dance and fitness industry has seen tremendous growth in the last 10 years. In recent years pole dancing has gained popularity amongst athletes looking for strength, fitness and fun in their workout. Data shows that over 350 studios are now offering pole dance as a fitness option in United States alone. It is currently under consideration of being included as an Olympic sport. Pole dance combines dance and acrobatics and is not restricted by gender or body type. However, even though pole athletes come in all shapes and sizes, pole wear does not. Currently the majority of pole wear is catered to small sizes leaving the non-small sized pole athletes wanting for more.  And so, the concept of Lasya (pronounced la-sya) was born.

As I dug deeper into this problem and listened to the women taking pole dance classes I began to understand their frustration and the desire for something better. I conducted focus groups and product testing groups to gain a better understanding of my customers. I learned about who they are, what they want and what they like and dislike about their unique workout choice. After many layers of market analysis and research I narrowed down the segment that is most overlooked by pole wear manufacturers. What I discovered was that the most neglected group of pole athletes is the beginner level athlete. If you are a woman just starting your pole dancing experience, but you do not like what you are wearing because everything available in stores is for a more experienced (and toned) pole dancer, then you are my customer. With the problem and market segment identified, I dove into designing the product and figuring out the supply chain. After many months of research, numerous design iterations and series of tests, Lasya came to life. 

LASYA polewear addresses the following concerns:

1.     Sizes – Made for sizes beyond what are considered small & medium by industry standards

2.     Pricing – Transparent pricing, pay only for the cost of the product

3.     Fabric – Not having to choose between quality and comfort

With this post I announce the launch of LASYA's website www.lasyafit.com.

The journey of creating Lasya has given me the opportunity to learn how to take an idea from concept to product, thus creating a business. I did not do this alone. I was fortunate to find people who were willing to share their knowledge with me. All I had to do was to identify the problem and seek its solution. I want to acknowledge all those people who believed in me and helped me launch this website in 30 days.  My journey has just begun.