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Finding your passion can wait

Many successful people have shared the secrets to their successes and almost all elude to one or all of the points mentioned in this post.  As a responsible leader to many of my readers, I find it my responsibility to really put it in simple words that can help many in being ok with not having found their passion yet.

Yes, you may think that finding your passion is the secret to happy days and end of struggle.  Few things that you didn't know about the path of following your passion:

1. You will not enjoy every moment of it.  Nope, not when you get stuck and there's no one around you who understands why you are doing what you are doing especially when it's bringing you no money.

2. You will feel alone at times.  See #1

3. You will want to throw in the towel and give up and walk away

4. You will work harder than you ever did before or you ever will

5. You will understand struggle

6. You will understand YOURSELF as you get challenged

7. You will find your strengths and learn what you can do.  See #6

8. You will know what falling and getting back up really means

9. You will know REAL pain

10. You will speak your mind

11.  You will stand up for yourself and for others

12. You will learn patience

So unless you are ready to take on the journey your passion will bring you, hold off on finding your passion.  You want to be ready.  You want to be tired of being lazy and also tired of making money.  You want to be ready for doing things for free for others.  You want to be ready to be generous and giveaway your learnings for free.  You have to be ready to breathe your passion.  If you are not ready, it's good and it's ok because once you find your passion, real work begins.....