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10 takeaways from Tools of Titans

Great leaders have a vision, passion, and ambition to bring the vision to fruition with the help of others.  Tim Ferriss has proven to be a great leader to me as I have applied many of his suggestions he offered after conducted experiments on himself or in the world around him.  

No, I haven't purchased everything that Tim has brought to my attention because there are many things that I'm not interested in, for instance, cooking.  It could have been a one-minute chef and I wouldn't have bought the book because I don't have interest in learning to cook.  One day, maybe, but that day isn't today.  Tim has delivered many products to the world and I have bought and used many and have seen impacts from the utilities of those products.  So when 'Tools of Titans' book was announced, I knew I was going to buy it and I did pre-order it.  Having been a long time listener of the Tim Ferriss Show, I knew I was going to find gold in this book and I was correct.

If you are in a space where you feel a little intimidated, overwhelmed, uneasy because you haven't reached your potential, just have patience and read Tools of Titans.  You will be able to find some relief in knowing that we all have similar fears and we all have to just walk through the darkness to find the light and we all need help. 

Over the years, I have learned plenty from Tim and his writings.  There were many nuggets that I found in the book but here are my 10 takeaways:

1. Definition of Success - it's personal and different for everyone.  Money DOES NOT equal success. Have a dream and then work hard to bring that dream to reality.  You will find out that what you meant by success was so different when you started than when you got to the place of your dream turning into reality.  Success meant the learning that you gained and the people you met on your journey.  The help you got and the opportunities that you gave to others brought you success that is satisfying as well.  Money was just the by-product.

2. You have to work - Wishing will not help.  You have to put yourself to work.  This may mean working hard and working smart and bringing others along and being vulnerable at times.  Wishing will not help.

3. Understand yourself and your pace - Here's an analogy, you don't have to run to get somewhere if your strength is in walking and running just tires you up.  We all have our own pace, choose what's best for you and what gives you the energy to keep going.  Know yourself.

4. Know that you will never be satisfied and that is ok - You will complete one task or goal and that will satisfy you for a little while.  And then you will want to do something else or the next thing.  It's ok to never be satisfied.  That's just life and there's no end to our desires.

5. Just know that you are going to make mistakes and you are going to regret a few things.  You can choose to accept that truth or judge yourself and be in pain.  You don't know everything and you are not going to know everything - Plain and simple.  Learn to live with the truth and stop wishing that it weren't.

6. Be scared & listen to that fear - If you are not scared to do something, then what you are working on is probably not going to matter that much to you.  Reevaluate.

7. Take/Do one thing at a time - One of my favorites in the book "Don't be a donkey" by Derek Sivers.  Remember #4 above? As soon as you are done with one thing, you will want to do the next so take one thing at a time.  Don't do too much at once.

8. You will not succeed at EVERYTHING you do.  You will fail at times and you will lose some projects and some adventures will be complete failures.  So know that but don't let that stop you from giving all you have got because remember #1, you will learn something and you will be able to help someone out during your journey.

9. You need others to succeed.  This is my philosophy in life and I truly believe that we are always giving and taking from each other.  We may not think that someone is helping us when he/she is giving us an opportunity to hear us out but if you really think about it, he/she is helping.  Either people are intentional of helping you or they are helping you because they know that you will bring them money.  Regardless, you need people around you and with you.

10. Meditate - Breathe and keep things in perspective. 

I am very thankful to Tim Ferriss for writing this book.  I had heard the episodes and all the guests on the show but having the nuggets from the show in front of me was exciting.  Now I can just go back to all the notes that I have int he book whenever I need some idea or inspiration. 

Leaders help people around them.  I hope this short writing helps you find some inspiration in buying the book or listening to the Tim Ferriss show.  It will only help you get to where you want to go....