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My Commencement Speech - love and inclusivity

Seth Godin's words are to live by.  I read 'Pick Yourself' by Seth Godin a while ago and it made an impact on me.  But I failed to make good on the learnings from that writing.  I quote Mr. Godin here, "Once you reject that impulse and realize that no one is going to select you--that Prince Charming has chosen another house--then you can actually get to work."  Basically, if one wants something, he needs to stop waiting for someone to give permission but take charge of his/her own destiny and do all that needs to be done to get to that destiny.

I can regret never taking the steps described in his post but what good is it going to be now.  I also believe that at times it's not until one needs to take action from the learnings that everything clicks and makes sense.  

This year has pushed me to being brave and taking actions in areas that I'm not an expert in.  Because of small and big steps that I took to reach my goals, I was able to contribute plenty in other people's lives.  And that's the lesson I am very proud to have learned as well. 

My Podcast is picking up and I'm getting encouragement from my listeners and I'm thankful for that.  I get the opportunities to make differences in others lives.  Recently, I had to address a few questions that my listeners asked me and I thought of doing something that is a dream of mine.  I want to offer my commencement speech to a graduating class one day.  So I wrote a commencement speech and delivered to my listeners addressing my listeners' questions. 

If one wants to lead and create a path for himself/herself then he/she doesn't need to wait for someone to give permission.  I give myself permission to create my commencement speech because that's what leaders do.

This link will take you to the Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast Episode 12 where, you can listen to the whole episode or skip to 5 mins. 45 sec. part where I start my speech. 

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