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30 Day Gratitude Challenge - Yes, I quantified it

I have been participating in 30 day challenges this year. 

Recently, I did this 30 day gratitude challenge.  Every day for 30 days, I wrote a thank you note to someone I personally didn’t know but that person had made an impact on my life.  I wrote to coaches, public speakers, teachers, writers, movie makers, and more.  Well, it started as expressing gratitude to people who made a difference in my world.  To my surprise, a few of these people wrote me back.  I made sure I took 5 minutes every day to send my appreciation. This wasn’t a surprise that I ended up quantifying this little challenge.  It’s my nature to measure everything.  The interesting thing is that I found out that some people who receive thousands of messages daily do respond to their emails but not all.  What I learned was that a great way to find out who you would like to work with in coaching capacity is to send him/her a message.  If that person calls you or messages you back that means that he/she has time to work with you.  If someone doesn’t, it doesn’t mean that the person is wrong or bad but that just means they don’t have time to attend to you.  We all want that personalized attention especially if we are spending money; let’s call it buying some attention.  So, a few things I learned:

1.       Weed out people who don’t have the time for you – doesn’t mean these people are bad or mean, but they don’t have the bandwidth to help you out. They don’t have resources, e.g. a customer service person or an assistant to respond to you.  Their attention and goals maybe somewhere else and that is completely legit and honorable.  The process helps you figure out whom you can align with to fulfill your goals that are important to you

2.       It becomes a habit – you listen to a podcast, read a story, watch a video and your auto response kicks in.  You start sending thank you notes.  Your mindset changes as you hear, see, read from a different prospective.  Your attitude and reaction to what’s around you is of appreciation and gratitude

3.       Changes your day – you feel good by making someone’s day.  I can’t explain it, you will have to do this to experience this

The intention of my 30 day experiment was to express my gratitude and I accomplished that and more.  The by-product of the experiment was the most interesting aspect as I was able to identify the individuals that I would like to work with.  And here’s my attempt at sharing the summary of the experiment in an infographic.