Understanding Nutrition and Mental Health

Health helps create wealth…

If you think you are dealing with anxiety, depression, fatigue, anger, I invite you to partner with me to optimize your health.

If you have been diagnosed with any mental conditions and these are getting in the way of feeling GOOD, I can help you map your nutrition for optimal health.

We all need a little help, a little support, a little guidance in achieving our goals.  This is dedicated to all who want to optimize their bodies and minds through training.  I bring different modalities to develop a program specifically for you.  You have in control of what you would like to utilize from that program.  You may only want Reiki and that is fine, we will redesign the program together.  Follow on Instagram

Photo by  Brooke Lark  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


Food impacts emotions.  Though we knew this all along as a community, we are just coming to accepting the reality of it.  As I dig my hands in nutritional psychology, I learn and bring these learnings to my clients.  I love working with people in creating what feels good to them.  Plans and goals are not restriction based rather created through the lens of abundance.  We work together in the direction of finding foods that feel good to each individual.

My purpose is to find foods that balance one's mood.  We are all different and we have special relationship to all that we consume (food, clothes, etc.).  There is no wrong or correct way but a balanced way that works for each one of us.  We work toward alignment of food and emotions. 

Photo by  Dominik Martin  on  Unsplash       

Photo by Dominik Martin on Unsplash




I work with all age groups.  My primary focus is women over 40 years of age.  The routine and rhythm of each day is quiet different once we enter the glorious and the better phase of life.  What worked before in a day or for a body may not work now.  The movements that worked for a body that hadn't experienced the hormonal changes at the level may need to be tweaked.  I have had a fitness routine since I was 7 years of age (thanks to boarding school).  I had to make great level of changes as I entered my 40s. 

For people who want to join and stick to a fitness routine, it is important to understand what your body needs and wants.  My philosophy is to find what body and mind enjoys and then build a routine from there. 

I work primarily with yoga and weight lifting modalities. 

Photo by  Fabian Møller  on  Unsplash


This is my life's work.  It is always my focus to make clients comfortable in how they want to approach healing. 

I employ healing modality that works with individual's energy.  We are capable of healing ourselves especially from the daily pains and aches.  Reiki is an invitation of individual's energy to move shift and get unstuck.  A healer practicing this modality works as a guide/channel to help you figure out a way to move your energy.

Life changed for me once I started practicing meditation.  It only took my husband 10 years to convince me to attend Vipassana meditation.  This practice created me into a new human.  No matter what my day is demanding of me, meditation is a constant in my day.  I don't teach meditation but I help people figure out ways to detach from their feelings about meditation.  It's work but to get to a place where getting to meditate is bliss and mini-vacation that you get every day is priceless.