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5 Essentials During Caffeine Detox

My intention moving forward is to enjoy caffeine rather than creating an unhealthy relationship with this stimulant. I have a very healthy lifestyle and until now, I was dependent on caffeine. I’m focusing on finding balance in all areas of my wellness rather than eliminating things that I like. This detox is my path to fulfilling my intention.

During my multiple caffeine detox stints, I have learned that there are few essentials one needs to aid in the process. I’m not sure how many people have as severe withdrawls from caffeine as I do. I have quit caffeine about 6 times in past 15 years and without fail, my symptoms have lasted 8-10 days. I have heard that after 5-6 days, symptoms are psychosomatic and if I didn’t practice yoga and meditation, I would have bought the design these people were selling. My symptoms are physical and real because after 8-10 days, I’m pain free. Don’t let anyone tell you that what you are experiencing is in your head.

Many people haven’t tried giving up caffeine so I refuse to believe that I’m the only one who has such severe withdrawls. I have full body aches starting from 2 days of pounding headaches to pain traveling down my body and then leaving once it has caused its havoc on my ankles.

I know you are probably thinking that if it’s so bad then why do I go back to caffeine time after time. Well, it’s worth every drop of good coffee…

Let’s move on to some items that will help you while you are detoxing. There are many different things that can aid you in the process and I believe that keeping things simple is the best and easiest path when you are going through hell.

So here we go…

  1. Water - let’s make it warm water. Drink water to flush out toxins and help your body stay hydrated and not cause you pain from dehydration. Anything cold will increase pain so I suggest warm (room temperature) water.

  2. Rest - it means a lot of sleep for the first 2 days of the process. It will help you staying away from your normal habit of making coffee, tea, etc. Rest helps your body manage the chemical changes happening in your body since there is no caffeine. You will experience lethargy so sleeping will keep you company and keep you away from people so you can avoid having emotional reactions to what others say.

  3. Turmeric - you can buy capsules. Inflammation in body causes pain and turmeric is one of the best solutions for decreasing inflammation. AVOID any ibuprofen as it has some level of stimulant that isn’t helpful during detox process.

  4. Proper Nutrition - avoid sugar and processed food. There can be a whole separate article written about this and I will later on. If you just avoid these two from your diet, you have higher chances of getting full rest, low inflammation leading to less pain. Sugar and processed food cause inflammation so during any detox it’s best to avoid these.

  5. Warm bath - or you can get a massage. Add a little bit of epsom salt to your bath water. This will sooth your muscles and ligaments. It reduces inflammation. If you get a massage that is good to as it relaxes muscles relaxes tissue, which reduces painful contractions and spasms.

We all have foods and drinks we love and it is good. But problems arise when these become dependencies. It’s good to detox body every now and then to avoid creating long term health problems. You can find additional nutritional education and help on my Instagram.