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Growth comes from Learning

Answer to the moment you are in

This consulting path has given me the opportunity to build my survival skills.  As I look back, I am thankful to all the "Nos" that I got as well as all the opportunities I received.

It's interesting to see how what I went to school didn't show up for so many projects that I undertook to be able to pay bills.  I left my job at the height of my career with great position, salary, and benefits.  At that time I didn't know of the challenges/opportunities that would show up for me. 

The constant anxiety about next project brought me projects that were on opposite ends of the pay spectrum; from $10 to $100 an hour.

What I have learned in these two and a half years is that anxiety and fear or insecurity steal joyful moments.  At the end I have to answer to the moment that I am in as that’s the best reaction.  No moment is good or bad but it is what it is and my response to it offers the best option to me