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Growth comes from Learning

What it takes to prepare for a good day

I got persuaded to watch Avengers: Infinity War.  I had a few takeaways and I will share one.  I wouldn't count on me to judge the movie but I know what I value as entertainment.

One of my favorite scenes was when Thanos goes to get the "soul" stone.  The guide tells Thanos that there's a price to pay.  Thanos is confident and declares that he is prepared to pay ANY price to ACQUIRE the stone.  Guide, who has heard this many times, says, "We all think that in the beginning". 

This interaction and message landed sharply on my mind.

Yes, we all think we are ready to pay the price for a good day and good job and good meal.  But do we?  We hit snooze, we skip morning workout, we rush and forgo the opportunity to leave a nice message to our loved ones, we get upset at fellow drivers. 

No, we think we are ready to pay the price but we are not.  When it's time, we take the easy way out.  It's hard work and very few of us are willing to stop and think to create a "good day".