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Growth comes from Learning

Quit It All - But Not Your Health

Quitting is good. Not everything I started has worked for me. Many things created stress and anger so I quit.

Maybe this is the month you are looking at what to quit in2019. Quit all that takes away from your health. Quit it all but keep your health.

Once you understand, I mean really understand that it’s one of the biggest mistakes to quit your health, you will be able to grow. Here’s how to keep your health:

  1. Quit HABITS that don’t serve you - yes, it’s very very hard to do but it needs to be done. Ask for help. Help from friends or professionals. Habits like - not sleeping, not drinking water, not stretching, not laughing…. Quit all these habits that don’t serve you.

  2. Quit PEOPLE who don’t serve you - yes, family, friends, co-workers. They are fine people but they are not fine for you for now. There’s nothing wrong with weeding people out. Do it with love and tell them you need space. One day when they are on their journey of learning, they will understand your decision.

  3. Quit CRITICIZING what doesn’t matter - quit talking about what doesn’t bring you laughter. There are things that don’t work but they don’t work for you so look at what you are not giving to make things work. Don’t criticize people or situations as it only causes you harm. Either quit these situations that you criticize or just speak only good even when things are not going your way.

Quitting all these will bring good health. Many of your health problems will go away. I can explain how it will work for many years but you won’t understand. You will understand when you practice, experience, live quitting what doesn’t work.

Eventually, there will be a time when you will feel fine and then happy and then you will be able to handle what’s around you without it impacting you. But FIRST step is QUITTING.