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Holiday Nutrition & Mood Relationship

We are well aware that food impacts mood. There is no better time to see the relationship in real time than during holiday times.

As much as we look forward to getting together with families, we also are at our most vulnerable times as far as emotions are concerned. The traveling and eating schedule impacts us. Many have less patience with others’ friendly critique and others dread dealing with a family member because of what happened during previous get together.

Here’s food for thought. It maybe that our nutrition impacts our emotions that lead to less than savory interactions with others. One of the first things that we invite our clients to do is to journal their food intake. We ask them to note:

  1. What they ate - every meal, snack, drink

  2. When they ate - what time they had meal or a snack

  3. How much they slept - how many hours

So now relate this to our vacation/holiday schedule. Because of traveling, our meal schedule is out of order. Now load travel day with food that is heavy in simple carbs and sugars (brain craves this when stressed). What do you get? I would say it’s very little energy left to deal with things that don’t necessarily go your way.

Even if you are not traveling but are around family. Family meal times are all over the place so one doesn’t get to eat when hungry rather when extremely hungry. If most of the food items are sugar and simple carbs then you eat those and body doesn’t get enough nutrition and goes under stress. Stress causes cravings of more sugar and simple carbs and the vicious cycle beings. This all leads to not being able to handle pressing and uncomfortable conversations.

We think it’s hard to handle a relative or someone is not pleasant but it’s important to look at your diet and other person’s diet during holiday time. Some times things escalate because of lack of energy to handle stressful conversations as body is already under stress due to lack of proper nutrition.

Just a thought to have during holiday time.