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Growth comes from Learning

You understand when it happens to you

I had heard it many times about the sweaty palms and anxious feeling of one experiences before a big launch.  But not until this week had I truly experienced these feeling.  Now just waiting to launch my new business venture. 

I see nothing else more important and I see nothing else as desired by me as this venture.  I know this too will not be important in a few weeks just like all the other accomplishments I got to experience in life.  No moment, no feeling, no pain is forever.  It all passes and I very clearly know this but still sometimes I don't want this to be over.  Once I finish a project, it's no longer important as I move on to finding my next mountain to climb.

There's this fear that if I press the launch button, it will all be over and then what will be left.  And this is why I'm just waiting to launch it. 

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