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Growth comes from Learning

Fear - Brings stress, regret, and failure

At times fear gets in the way of executing on the ideas and promises we make to ourselves and others.  I would say fear is the primary reason for not taking action. 

My recent experience with this feeling was at the most recent Director’s Guild Award ceremony that took place this month.  As everyone was walking out of the ballroom after the ceremony, I thought of going up to one of the directors and let him know that his work had an impact on me.  My desire was not to take a picture with him or get anything autographed but to just thank him for sharing his vision with us.  My intention was to create magic for this director as I had heard from Adam Robinson that in every interaction pay attention to the other and create magical moments for others. 

As I started walking toward the area where all the directors and their crew was seated, I was stopped by the security guards.  I was a little perplexed by this because I was under the impression that we were all equals in that room and I could go up to anyone and acknowledge him/her.  My true self when I am approached by gatekeepers’ “no” is to either negotiate with the gatekeepers or find another way to get to my destination.  And this time I just didn’t do that.  I accepted the “no” and walked away.  I was really disappointed in myself and kept making myself wrong for not taking action. 

As I analyzed the situation, I realized that for some reason I was afraid of the security guards.  A reasonable person would think and know that the guards weren’t going to harm me especially at an event like that where we were invited to.  But in that moment when the security guards stopped me, I just froze as I was a little shocked (not over reacting at all).  I think I was afraid that if I had insisted I would have made a scene or I would have gotten tackled.  How bizarre is that thought but I really was fearful of what could have gone WRONG.  I keep wondering now if the fear was also of the physical representation of these guards.  They could have hurt me with their fingers as they were big and strong.  To think of it now, I feel uncomfortable that I let fear get in the way.

But this was a great lesson for me because I will not let that happen to me again.  I will not take the first “no” and leave if there’s something that I really want in my life.  I learned fear causes:

1.      Stress

2.      Regret

3.      Failure

None of the above-mentioned effects of fear create positive emotions or improve health.  If you want to stay healthy and positive, reach out for success and one way to get there is to let go of your fear.  It’s not easy and it keeps showing up.  It’s a forever companion and you just need to recognize it and not let it keep you from getting what you want.  But be careful that you are not harming anyone in order to getting to your success. 

The incident and my lack of any positive reaction has disappointed me so much that the experience will stay with me forever I think.  But I know that I will not repeat this scenario.