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Growth comes from Learning

Try it until you are satisfied with your effort

"Treat others as you would like to be treated", this quote passed on from generations is swimming in my thoughts lately.  This is not only to be applied with friends and family and people on the street, it is especially to be tried at work. 

We spend more time with people we work with than taking care of ourselves and our families.  These are the people who show up when we are trying to figure out a solution to get our project moving.  Why not be gentle, be understanding, be kind, and be generous with them?  People we work with play a major role (just like customers) in helping us make a living, get a pay check, pay our bills.  Think about that for a minute.

Lead people to their greatness and avoid managing their shortcomings.  Help them manage their weaknesses but lead them to find the goodness in themselves.  One way to lead them to find their best selves is by sharing your goodness and kindness with them.  Give them the opportunity to see it so they can follow.  It starts at the C-level and I have come across very few executives who lead with their hearts.  I don't know why the essence of the quote gets left outside of the office doors. 

I don't have a suggestion on how to do it but just think about how this quote relates to work environment.  I'm questioning and listening and thinking what can I do to treat others with generosity and kindness as that is how I want to be treated.