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Growth comes from Learning

Breakthrough - and money is an issue!!!

Be it during conversations with people in my circle at work or home, a very common sentiment I experience is (to sum it up) - if money weren't an issue, I would ____(fill in the blank).  I think about this as well so I'm wondering how prevalent is this thought or feeling. 

How did we all pick to be unhappy in our days?  We made a promise to ourselves to spend hours doing things that didn't necessarily bring joy but paid our bills.  It's something to wonder.

Today I had a breakthrough - it's the experience that get you to understand what you really value.  Listening to Jairek Robbins on James Altucher podcast I realized that we may have been aligned with what was important to us at one point but we didn't constantly evaluate the change that was happening within ourselves.  We outgrew ourselves and now there is this misalignment between what we truly value and what we think we value.

Years ago I was on the path to getting my PhD in Psychology and that would have given me the opportunity to listen to people all day long.  But I chose a different path because at that time I didn't know I was going into Psychology because I wanted to listen to people but because I wanted my doctorate.  I'm glad that I stopped after getting my masters in Psychology.  Doctorate will have to wait until later.

If money weren't something that I worried about, I would listen to people and their stories and understand people.  I love listening to people.  This skill has helped me be a good leader and as I'm told a valuable friend.  Not until recently I realized that maybe because I like listening to people is one of the reasons I started my podcast.  I get to listen to stories of couples and then bring those stories to the world that would have not gotten a chance to experience life through other peoples' stories. 

I wish I could go around the world and talk to people and bring their stories to the rest of the world but money is an issue that needs constant resolution.....