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Growth comes from Learning

It's not practiced in the industry

I have been thinking of taking a little time off from 9 to 5 grind and traveling.  Though this habit of always working is hard to break for me.  I enjoy working and especially learning from my colleagues.  Having a job makes me feel relevant which may not be a healthy way of being but this how it is for me (now). 

This new economy and opportunities to experiment with various employment types is exciting. 

Recently, I mentioned my desire to find an entry or intermediate level position that a company desires to have fulfilled by a full-time employee.  With my experience in analytics and marketing a I can perform a full-time entry level position in part-time hours.  When I vocalized my desire to find a project that allows me to have freedom to utilize my day efficiently, I came across responses to the effect that such arrangements are not practiced in the industry.   Well, I got the opportunity to think of two benefits for a company by adopting such practices:

1. Efficiency - An experienced individual can condense the time it would take an inexperienced individual to get a certain project done.  Rather than spending many hours figuring out how to utilize a tool or make decisions and take action, an experienced person can spend fewer hours on doing certain tasks and spend time on building strategies and improving results.  A company benefits from such an individual.

2. Savings - A company saves resources as it doesn't have to train such individual on basic tools.  A part-time or a freelancer isn't provided medical, retirement, and time-off benefits.  It benefits a company financially.

I'm sure there are many more benefits to exploring such arrangements and I will think of more and share. 

This is a great way for experienced people who are also standing in unemployment lines to create a life and be self employed (in a way).