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Social Media - Is it more media and less social?

What happens when the desire to connect and socialize with people is not satisfied by this ‘social media’?  Is it creating disconnect rather than connecting people?  Has it created distance among people in smaller cities but shortened the distance of connecting with people in different countries? 

Today is full of questions as I sit here trying to understand how Social Media lost its purpose.  Well, it did for some who are not connecting with others via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more platforms.  I want to go back and savor the days when I had to think and make a loftier effort to connect with my parents during my days in boarding school.  Now, parents can connect with their kids who are attending school across the street from where they live. 

I can’t seem to connect with the concept Social Media (yet) though I find some connection with Instagram.  I feel there’s an effort one has to put in to create something and offer it to others to enjoy.  There’s a sense of generosity in that platform.  Maybe it’s just me but I have found a higher level of respect bestowed on people who share their creativity on this medium.  Maybe….