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Growth comes from Learning

Organic Growth

There are many ways to go about starting a business and then building it.  I believe in organic growth especially in the beginning.  After launching my podcast I really have taken on this philosophy of organic growth.  There are many benefits of organic growth:

  1. It saves a solopreneur time so he/she can concentrate on making the business better rather than worrying about MORE leads.

  2. The attention is on making mistakes, testing, changing the formula, and adjusting.

  3. People who really need your product, find you and tell you what’s working and not working in a product.

  4. You have the time to listen to your customers and the opportunity to improve/correct product and service with minimal expense.

  5. If your product is good, the word will spread as your happy customers brag about your product while you keep your attention on enhancing your product.

There’s a lot of fun and satisfaction in going slow and learning from it than going fast and missing out on the learnings one can gain from the journey.  Once you learn something, you can apply it to whatever comes next.  But if you don’t learn then you never give yourself the opportunity to learn and grown and save yourself from making that mistake again. 

When a child is learning to walk, people around him/her help her because they know that the child is new at walking.  But the same level of patience and understanding is not permitted once he/she is an adult.  Accordingly, when a company is small, people are there to help and are more forgiving for mishaps but it’s very hard for a big company to redeem itself when it makes a mistake.  Most mistakes happen when a company is growing too fast for its own good.  So grow slow.  Be organic.