Company Culture - Hiding in terms and conditions

After being charged for a service that I didn't utilize, it was understandable that I raised a concern over that charge.  I received a polite response stating that even though the company understood my disappointment, the company policy did not allow to provide a refund.  I read that and sat with the response as I was surprised by it.

There were two observations that I had:

1. The employees weren't given the control to make decisions.  So, why was I interacting with a human if that human wasn't given the authority to help me understand the reasons for denial of refund.  This is a situation where an auto response or a Bot would suffice the service.  But the company wants to keep face so it hired humans for "namesake".  My experience of interaction with the company employee was just as good as it would have been with a Bot. 

2. Terms & Conditions are the best hiding places when playing a game.  It seemed as if the company was playing a game with me by charging me for something I didn't use and then hiding behind the so called "terms & conditions" of the company that I neglected to read.  Yes, I do take responsibility for this negligence.

It leaves me thinking now what the employees of the company are experiencing.  Are they in an environment that teaches them to cheat people?  I wonder....

It seems as though there is plenty of attention garnered to creating a great company culture these days.  Companies are spending money on creating and then advertising this fantastic culture they are creating.  But what is this culture?  Why is it so complicated?  Isn't it simple that we just treat everyone with respect and be honest and honor people?  Maybe it is complicated or maybe we are making it harder than it needs to be because what would we do if things weren't complicated....