Be it you are just starting your analytics career or are an experienced professional in analytics world, you can find value from these topics in:

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How you start determines how you will finish

Decision are made based on analyses.  Analyses are based on data. 

Collection of correct data is the most important action to be taken when building a database.  If a company has limited funds, it can build a database using Microsoft Access or collect data in Microsoft Excel.  But a company can not afford to collect incorrect data.  This is the most crucial step for a company when deciding on building a database. 

Over time, many changes will take place, projects and needs will evolve but the importance of collecting correct data in proper manner will never change.

I have worked on many databases and have never steered from focusing on collection of proper data points and methodology of data collection.  Any company is bound to fail achieving its goals if it disregards this crucial step.

In the coming times, I will be discussing various topics on data and analytics.  Feel free to leave comments below to suggest what you would like to learn and explore.