Still Learning.

Call me Aman.

I fell into the world of data by chance as my love for numbers drew me to an analyst job during college years.  I worked diligently and did anything possible to perform at my highest as I was completely dependent on the job for my college tuition during undergrad years.

I enjoyed understanding trends in business and revenue by looking at data.  But I wanted to understand people as well so went for my graduate studies in psychology. After graduating, I learned fairly quickly that my psychology degree wasn’t going to get me a well-paying job to pay off my student loans.

With the help of a coach I planned to get into marketing field that would satisfy my love for data and help me create marketing strategies by applying learnings in psychology.

I have spent many moons analyzing, understanding, and optimizing strategies for various companies.  I have not only helped others build and optimize their businesses.  I have been able to help others because I know the challenges and blessings of being a business owner. 

My background in psychology is coming in handy again as I work with couples who are in interracial marriages.  You can hear the stories of couples in interracial marriages on Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast on itunes or stitcher.

I believe freedom within structure so I guide my clients in creating that in their businesses.

My intention is to help people and organizations understand, build habits/strategies, and heal themselves and their businesses. 

I hope I show up in your life as a friend or as a guide who can share with you the path leading to successful existence.


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There are many people who can get you the answers you want.  But when you need help in understanding data and using it to optimize your efforts, you can connect with me.  We can start with a free phone consultations to find your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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